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Manuscript Maps brings art back to cartography. Selling prints of beautiful maps, hand-drawn by cartographer Kevin Sheehan, we feature an ever-expanding range of beautiful and interesting art for your wall.

Map Giveaway Winners

Map Giveaway Winners

In February, I offered followers the chance to win a map print: one to Twitter, one to Instagram followers, one to Facebook followers, and one to email subscribers.

The Winners:

Twitter: To win, contestants had to like and retweet one of my #FreebieFebruary posts, and follow me.

I tweeted about #FreebieFebruary twelve times. Using number generator, that chose my fourth tweet. That tweet was retweeted or quoted sixteen times, down to fifteen ignoring my own retweet, and thirteen because two are not following me. Using number generator, the eleventh retweeter is the winner: @hyrriet.

Instagram: To win, contestants had to follow me, like, and comment on my #FreebieFebruary post, tagging two friends (or re-share my post).

Seventeen people shared my post or tagged two or more friends. Using number generator, the sixth to share/tag is the winner: @clartworkbyclara.

Facebook: To win, contestants had to like and follow Manuscript Maps on Facebook, and both like/love and share my Freebie February post.

Forty-three people shared the post and fifty liked/loved, but only twenty-three also liked my page. Using number generator, the fifteenth to share and like and follow is the winner: Catherine Dove.

Subscribers: To win, contestants simply had to subscribe to my email newsletter. Manuscript Maps has seventy-five subscribers (72 discounting my own and partner’s emails). Using number generator, the sixty-fifth is the winner: po**ra82 (not fully shared for privacy reasons).

Many congratulations to the winners! You will all be contacted individually to claim your prize!

Freebie February Map Giveaway

Freebie February Map Giveaway