The Art & Tradition of Drawing Maps

For centuries, maps were objects of beauty, hand-drawn by artisan-cartographers who were highly skilled in calligraphy and illustration. In the modern world of computerised mapping, few have preserved this art, but Manuscript Maps revives the heritage, aesthetics, and craftsmanship of traditional cartography by producing elegant hand-drawn maps.

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New 6th edition Whisky Map of Scotland

Featuring all of the active whisky distilleries in Scotland, and many historic ones too. This map is my best-seller, and a must for all lovers of whisky! 

My latest creation - the Venice Map

Venice is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular and remarkable places on Earth, and this - my best map yet - does it justice. I was greatly inspired by antique maps of this marvellous island city, which incidentally was also a birthplace of map-making and modern geography in the Renaissance.


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